Get Your Ducts Sealed for Free!

Through our Partner SolarVault, you can get your ducts sealed at no additional cost to you. They like us, have the goal of helping homeowners to not only achieve financial independence but also Home Efficiency.

Energy Independence & Home Efficiency

Why It Can Make Sense
• No Out of Pocket Cost
• Immediately Save Money
• Own Your Power
• Get Aeroseal Duct Sealing Service FOR FREE
Get A Tax Break
• Federal Incentive – 26% Dollar for Dollar Tax Credit through the end of 2022, lowers to 22% tax credit in 2023 and then is gone
• State of Utah – $800 rebate through the end of 2022
• State of Idaho – Total of $5,000 deduction each year for the 4 years after going solar
• State of Wyoming – No current incentives for the state
Other Benefits
• Bill-swap, so eliminate your current bill and replace it for a lower fixed solar bill. It is typically between $10-40 cheaper than what you pay currently
• Rates increase about 5% every year and have done so for the past 20 years
• Own your power rather than renting it from the power company

Does it Make Sense for You?

Great Question! Every home is different. Our partners at SolarVault are able to get an exact idea of what it would do for your home using state of the art Lidar Technology.
It basically shoots lasers down from a drone to measure all of the house size, angles, and pitches of the roof. As well as trees and/or other structures that may shade the roof. They then use this and weather data to figure out where would be the best placement for panels and how efficiently it can work on your home.
What’s great about them is if it doesn’t work, they will let you know! They aren’t looking at each home with Money Sign eyes, but are looking to see what will actually benefit the homeowner.

Want to See If the Home Efficiency Program Works for You?

Set an appointment with our technician to inspect your duct system and he can get you more information about the Home Efficiency Program and set you up with our partners at SolarVault.
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Aeroseal + Solar is the perfect combination to battle increasing utility rates from Power Companies.